Thursday, October 31, 2002

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right." Proverbs 20:11 KJV

Oxymoron of the day:
Working vacation.

A current best seller in Jerusalem is "Two Years Left"
It is written by a Moslem extremist and reports the finding of his research from the Koran that predicts the fall of the U. S. by 2004.
It also compares Osama Bin Laden to Moses and George W. Bush to the Pharoh Rameses II.

I consider this a warning that we must be prepared to protect ourselves from militant Moslem extremists who follow the teachings of Mohamed, who in his own writings admitted he was demon posessed.


Wednesday, October 30, 2002

An era has come to an end!
We have lived here in this old house for thirty years. During that time there has been a vacant lot to the west and across the street.
The lot is on the banks of the mile wide Caloosahachee. It is a large lot and a good place to walk the dog and grandchildren, but the most enjoyable aspect was those big trees.
Of course they weren't always so big, but they grew with us and became fixtures, (kinda like us.) They were Austrailian pine trees, an exotic to be sure, with gnarly protrusions, the result of branches broken off by the wind and (sometimes) flung into the river.
When the wind was blowing the trees sang to us. Sometimes sweet and melancholy, other times boistrous less enchanting yet somehow still comforting.
The roots protruding from the trunk had grown big enough to sit on, especially for the grandchildren, and there was a crevice large enough for a four year old to hide in, which David, our grandson always did when we played hide and seek.
The sunsets were spectacular and first golden, then purple or red or seemingly a combination of many colors all at once as it slowly descended, beginning to hide behind the distant treeline as it cast its rays across the water until finally, it was gone.
It is the time of day when the birds are winging their way to a mangrove rookery across the way and they formed silhouetts, silently gliding, except for the quaker parrots who seem to never stop their squawcking.
Now we can no longer sit on the seawall where the boys (when they were boys) would launch off on their Tom Sawyerish adventures to the spoil island half a mile away, and listen, watch, talk small, and enjoy the peace of God.
The trees have been stripped bare, gaunt and silent against the skyline and finally, pushed down and piled into a dumpster.
I'll miss those old trees, that beautiful and peaceful place by the river.
Lately I've been thinking.........maybe it's time for us to move on as well.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Actual Newspaper Headlines:

Chef throws his heart into helping feed needy:
I bet he only did that once.

Panda mating fails, veterinarian takes over:
I don't even want to think about it.

Soviet Virgin Lands Short of Goal Aain:
She must be Very Ugly:

Stud tires out:
Before he met the Soviet Virgin, no doubt.

Shalom Y'all

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Actual newspaper headlines:

Enraged cow injures farmer with ax.
Question; How did the cow hold the ax? In her teeth?

Plane too close to ground, crash probe told.

Two sisters reunited after 18 years in checkout counter.
I want to know the name of that store so I can NEVER go there. The service must be terrible!


Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Now the Lord said unto Abram, Get thee out of the country and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show you.
And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing;
And I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curseth you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Genesis 112: 1-3 KJV

This is my answer to people who would blame Israel for the constant strife in the Middle East, and to those who would dare to suggest that Chrisrians have replaced Israel as God's chosen ones.
It isn't really my message, I simply quote the authority on the subject.


Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Larry Miller, writer at "The Weekly Standard" Continues:
Downstairs, before we left, the head of the hospital, an Israeli naamed Audry, was showing me the children's waiting room. I coulden't help but notice, all around, an Arab woman with her son, an Arab family over there checking in, Arab children playing with the toys while waiting. The doctor saw the look on my face and laughed.
"Oh yes' we treat everyone." I guess I was astonished. She just shrugged. "We're Jews.
This is how we live. It's also for the future. They're not going anywhere, and we're not going anywhere. There will eventually be peace. There has" When? A month? A year? A hundred years? More? She didn't know.................

" It's not easy I admit. And it gets hard when they cheer when the bodies are brought in."

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Actual newspaper headlines:

If strike isn't settled quickly, it may last a while.

Never withold herpes infection from loved one.

They must have graduated from public schools. Shalom Y'all.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Larry Miller, writer at the Weekly Standard writes:
"I was in two hospitals Israel. It was part of my trip to meet some victims of the terror bombings and theif families.
.......We went to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. This is the hospital wheree they brought the victims of the bombing at Hebrew University. I met a woman who had been lunch that day..... with her daughter, a student. Hey, what's that on the table? Oh, it's a cup with the nails they took out of me. some are still inside. They can't take them out yet."

Actual Newspaper headlines:

Juvenile court to try shooting defendant.

War dims hope for peace.

Shalom Y'all

Sunday, October 20, 2002

The most beautiful ring necked dove has returned.
I raised the blinds to better see, and the sound frightened her. (A creature so beautiful must be a her, but only another dove knows for sure.)
Goodbye my skittish little friend, come often and stay long.

There is a disconcerting thought running through evangelical Christians that they have replaced Israel as God's chosen people.
These people must read Romans eleven.
If God allows even one of his promises to be revoked what is the point?
"you do not support the root but the root supports you." (Verse 18)

" I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers, so that you may not be concieted: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in. And so all Israel will be saved............" (Verses 25&26)


Saturday, October 19, 2002

Sleep late day again. God gave us an incredible one!
The AC has been off most of the week!
Shortly after seven thirty AM I started out the patio door and stopped!
The most beautiful ring necked dove I haver seen was visiting the bird feeder.
I paused and watched, but finally went out, which frightened the beautiful creature into flight.
Did it return? I know not.
I busied myself pulling weeds, transplanting, planting, and until nearly dark, manicured those areas which had been neglected since spring.
Before the rainy season comes I prepare the planting areas for the summer and in the fall, return them again to a civilized condition.
The rest of the summer is devoted to cutting the grass, (sometimes twice a week) and pulling a few weeds and, since the heat is unberable, little else.
Just before dark I stopped, showered, and enjoyed an incredible salad on the screen porch with my bride and joy.
We talked to Sonesta and Rebel, parrots who reside on the porch, shooed away Pretty the Dalmation nuisance, and marveled at what God has done.
And then I stopped again!
I have planted a vining okra (AKA Luffa Gourd) and it is thriving, crawling along the chain link near the porch.
In the evening the blossoms open and there it was, a butterfly, flitting from blossom to blossom........wait!!
That is a humming bird!!
It is smaller than the Ruby throats and has a kina rust color to it.
Ain't that sumthin?
Thank you God for this incredible day, and thank you Clara from Torey Creek Valley Missouri for the seeds!!
And thank you, favorite youngest daughter for passing on the seeds to us!!

Shalom Y'all

Friday, October 18, 2002

Actual newspaper headlines:

"Typhoon rips through cemetary; hundreds dead." Not to worry, they were already dead.

"Astronaut takes blame for gas in spacecraft." What was he going to do? Step outside?

"Kids make Nutritious snacks." Personally, I prefer peanuts.

I don't think I'll let my children go to journalism school. It might destroy the ability to properly use the the language they developed in grammar school.

Have a wonderful day< Raisin

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Can a devout muslim be an American patriot and loyal citizen?

Philosophically, no. Because Islam, Mohamed, and the Quran do not allow freedom of religion and expression. Democracy and Islam cannot co-exist. Every Muslim government is dictatorial or autocratic except Turkey.

Spiritually, no. Because when we declare "one nation under God," the Christian's God is a triune God, while the Muslim's is one entity called "Allah," who is never a heavenly father, nor is he ever called "Love" in the 99 excellent names.

Dr. Anis Shorrosh, a former Muslim turned to Christ.

On a lighter note; An actual newspaper headline: "Red tape holds up new bridge."
some thoughts about that:
Was it red duct tape?
Why didn't "they" build the bridge stronger, then there would be no need for the tape.
Can one safely cross said bridge?

Shalom Y'all

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Can a devout muslim be an American patriot?
Religiously, no. Because no other religion is accepted by allah except islam-intolerance(Q.2:256).

Intellectually,no/ Because he cannot accept the American Constitution since it is established on Biblical principles, and he believes the Bible to be corrupt.

Dr. Anis Shorrosh, a former muslim turned to Christ.

Thank you Lord for the refreshing rain.

Shalom, Y'all

Monday, October 14, 2002

Can a devout muslim be an American patriot?

Politically, no. because he must submit to the mullah, who teaches annihilation of Israel and destruction of Aaamerica, the great satan.

Domestically, no. Because he is instructed to marry four women and beat and scourge his wife when she disobeys him. (Q. 4:34)

Dr, Anish Shorrosh, a former muslim turned to Christ.

Last night we went to a Tai restaurant where we like to get their coconut milk soup.
I don't know what is in it other than onions and mushrooms, but it is soo good.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Can devout Muslim be an American patriot and loyal citizen?

Theologically, no. Because his allegiance is to allah, the moon god of Arabia.

Scripturally no. Because his allegiance is to the five pillars of Islam and the Quran.

Geographically, no. Because his allegiance to Mecca, to which he turns in prayer five times a day.

Socially, no. Because his allegiance to islam demands that he make no friends of Christians or Jews. (5:51)

Quotes from Dr. Anis Shorrosh, a former muslim turned to Christ.

Shalom Y'all

Saturday, October 12, 2002

6:AM on Saturday, sleep in day.
Cold, wet proboscus of dalmation has defeated that!
Out she goes to defend the area from the potential invasion of doves, sparrows, and the occasional opossum.
(I recently found the skeletons of three in an area unreached by the line trimmer during the topical heat of summer.)
But returning to sleep alludes.
Now, with the onset of daylight I shall brew a pot of coffee and go out to replant the lettuce in the now fence enclosed vegetable garden.
Is the fence there to keep out animals? No, just animal in the singular; seventy five pounds of nervous energy, wagging tail and boundless curiosity can wreak much damage.
Shalom for now.

Friday, October 11, 2002

welcome back Charlie, you have been missed.

The once dead computer is alive!!!!!!!
It has a new main board and processor.
There are still problems, no sound.
I'll deal with that soon.

I have planted our fall garden. Well, most of it anyway.
The seminole pumpkin didn't germinate, nor did the chili peppers.
The vining okra did, however, one of three seeds. That is enough since they take up a lot of space.
The blossoms are dropping too soon!
What to do?
I have also passed around many small herb plants to others. Lemon grass, parsley, tarragon, dill, rosemary and basil.
Greens, planted from three year old seed are doing well as are the onions, but for some reason most of the pole beans died, perhaps the victims of windborne herbaside.
They have been replaced and the latest are doing well.
Finally the lettuce seeds have arrived and will be planted tomorrow.

Kathleen is going to Argentina tomorrow to be near her boys.
There is danger in this, perhaps even mortal danger, but she has good support from a missionary group, and a job offer.
Please pray for her, Dylon and Brandon.

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