Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bright sky, lazy clouds, cool breeze.
The two boats churned towards the finish line onlookers screaming, rowers breathing hard, their oars biting into the chilly waters.
We had arrived in time!
As the winning boat crossed the line we cheered our favorite seventeen year old.
She slowed down her crew and approached the dock.
We are proud grandparents as we greet our hero for the day.
It was worth the two hour drive.

Later having completed our journey and arrive at their home we learn the team of our favorite fourteen year old had prevailed as well. They had managed to win two out of four volleyball games in the tournament, quite an accomplishment for a team that had won only two out of fifteen games during the regular season.

For some reason I am unable to post from my own recently resurrected computer.
I shall attemt again to rectify the situation when we return home. Monday.

God bless and shalom Y'all

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