Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Early Morning Mystery
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She was awakened early in the morning by a sound she could not identify. It sounded like singing but was it? It surely wasn’t coyotes, nor was it the chickens. Those sounds would come from outside the house and it was winter. The windows and doors were closed against the harsh January cold.
The sound seemed to come from the children’s bedroom. She glanced over to the clock with it’s large red numbers glowing in otherwise total darkness. Five o’clock. It couldn’t be the children. It’s just too early. What could it be?
She lay there in the bed warm comfortable, secure, not alarmed by the peaceful, melodic sound. It must be singing, but who could it be? From where is it coming? The house is surrounded by forest and pasture. It is a ten minute walk down the dusty lane to the highway and the nearest house.
Half an hour later husband began to stir. The cobwebs of sleepiness clouded his consciousness as wakefulness began to emerge.
“You awake? She said.
Kind’a. He responded.
Do you hear that? Huh? Yes. Sounds like one of the kids. I’ll go check.
The children are both deaf. They were born in Africa and had been in the household about nine months. Daughter Feltework, nearly nine years old, was afraid to sleep in her basement bedroom. It is an apartment really, since it has it’s own spacious bathroom, and so she and six year old brother Yonatan shared the same room, each sleeping on separate bunks.
When he entered the room the mystery was solved. Little Yonatan, profoundly deaf and unable to speak was singing. The words, if there were any, were unintelligible to father Vernon, and surely, an audition for a slot on “American Idol” would not happen, but singing it was.
Later, at breakfast, Vernon discussed the singing episode with Yonatan.
Yonatan signed; “Yonatan dream Cora baby sing.”
Cora is a friend who plays basketball on the same team as Fetlework. She has an infant sister named Jillian, who recently had major surgery.
Yonatan was dreaming about the baby and in his dream was singing to her.
Ain’t God good?

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