Friday, January 13, 2006

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will council you with my eye upon you." Psalms 32:8

Did this only apply to David or the Psalmist? Is there anything there for Memaw and me?
After nearly forty four years of mostly doing what NEEDS to be done, what next?
The grandchildren have mostly outgrown us. Their parents are busy with business, jobs, raising the children.
Suddenly the choices are not demands thrust upon us, they are truly choices.
Sell the house and move? Load up in an RV? Continue working in some dead end nothing job?
Suddenly the freedom of being unencumbered from all the demands of raising a family and doing the "stuff" has created a challenge all it's own. There will still be financial challenges, of course, but minor ones copmared to years past.
Soon I will retire from the day to day J. O. B. (jackass of the boss,) and be able to do whatever.
Somehow, we must find common ground, decide, and forge ahead.
I guess finding consensus will be the greatest challenge.
To quote the late great Tennessee Ernie Ford, "Life do get tejious (tedious) don't it?" Somehow, in the context he spoke, I think he meant challenging.

Shalom Y'all

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