Saturday, November 17, 2007

A perfect Fall Afternoon

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Yesterday I was "conscripted" to pick up the children after school. We went to the shop where Vernon works and Rebecca was visiting.

I needed to go to the store and Fetlework, an expert lip reader, saw what I was saying and asked to go along. A first for her.

We arrived home before the others and as we entered the "little" house she asked "Memaw?" (She knows Memaw has returned to Florida.)

She fed Cormak the mouser? cat on the porch and we looked out over the valley at the creek and road beyond. This was not possible before because until the leaves fell they obscured the view.

Suddenly and with great enthusiasm she said: "play" and ran toward the side yard. I went back through the house, put on my boots and when I caught up discovered her gathering leaves with her hands.

Soon we had two rakes and had amassed a great pile of leaves. When Mom and Yonatan arrived they all got into the "fray".

Later, while Mom went to the "big" house to prepare dinner the children tunneled into, threw, rearranged and thoroughly enjoyed the leaves.

I heard voices, looked up and Mom was returinig with Dad to further enjoy. When I signed to Fetlework "I hear voices and people walking once a gain she asked: "Memaw?"

She misses her Memaw!

Today they are gathering firewood and I am loading my car for my departure early tomorrow.

I miss them already.

Please take the time to double click and enlarge and enjoy close up photos of two beautiful children.

Thank you Lord for allowing Memaw and me to learn from these incredible children.

What a special time we all had.

Ain't God Good?

Shalom for now,

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