Sunday, July 16, 2006

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Saturday, July 15, 2006


We have our own phone number and computer!
I am now able to update after such a long time!

I have driven to our new to us summer home in Southwestern Missouri, prepared and planted a garden and helped favorite youngest daughter and husband finish their new house.

I came here by myself for a few weeks and then flew back to Florida, closed up the house there and drove my favorite wife and me back to the farm.

We stopped along the way and visited our favorite oldest daughter and family and attended the high school graduation of her oldest daughter.

We then stopped in Tennessee for a short visit with dear old friends and completed the journey. Since then we have worked on the farm, helped with the new house, separated the two combined households, helped the “kids” move up the hill and have done so much else I can’t explain it all.

Oh yes! Memaw bought five baby guinea fowl for favorite youngest daughter (Rebecca). The guineas are for biological control of ticks and other such vermin and will be allowed to wander around the farm once they have grown. They have grown so much in three weeks! One day they learned how to get though the openings between the wires in the little pen. Rebecca was the only person on the property. She came down from the other house to visit Ginger the nineteen year old dog and discovered the guineas wandering about. They were enjoying their freedom and were busy exploring and would not cooperate and go back in. Finally she called Clara, a retired neighbor lady and together they were able to re-corral the young birds, which immediately began to try to force themselves out again. Finally the two ladies were able to wrap some chicken wire around the little pen and the guineas settled down.

Our volunteer week with Appalachian Service Project didn’t happen because we were on a waiting list and didn’t get off it. This actually was a good thing since Memaw has needed to have two teeth pulled.

Tomorrow we go for orientation for part time jobs so we can recover some of the costs of all the dental work.

Tonight we canned some pickles and John, Christine and Mary Banderman visited for dinner. Dinner was largely made up of items from the garden or from food preserved last year. The food was as good as the company and was highlighted by the visit of a doe and her fawn. We watched them through the window as they browsed through the yard.

John was involved in an auto mishap ten months ago and was nearly killed, intentionally, by a demented man who wanted to end the lives of his wife and himself. In that he was successful.

John must soon have some bones re-oriented in one leg, which will then be re-pinned.

Shalom for now,


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