Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Union Station

I have been doing a lot of driving lately.
At a Cracker Barrel Restaurant I bough a CD of Alison Crouch. I have a tendency to nearly wear out a CD rather than divert my attention from driving to change CD's.
Her band is called Union Station. Although I may not always agree with the sentiment of a particular song, I love the "sound" of the group.
A line in one of the songs goes something like this: "Some people say the only thing wrong is I can't find nobody as crazy as me."
Grammatical errors notwithstanding, THERE is "Food for Thought."

Ain't God good?

Shalom Y'all

After a three month hiatus I have returned.
Will I fill in the three month blank? Probably some of it.

Shalom for now,

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