Sunday, July 22, 2007

I tried again this morning to rid my garden of the pest that is eating my cushaw, pumpkin and melon plants.
The only guns I have is a shotgun and a 30-06.
I can't get close enough with the shotgun and I will not discharge the rifle in the semi light, not being able to see clearly the target, especially when it is right in front of the well house. In the early morning it is like a ghost. It moves softly and I wonder: "Is that really it?"

I hate to spend money on traps. I have been told they don't work.
This is my first attempt at market gardening. The woodchuck, whistle pig, groundhog or marmot, whichever one prefers to call it is smarter than I am.

But I won't quit.

Shalom for now,

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